What is Involved in My Build?

What is involved in my build?

Fixed price building contract available from BaileybridgeWhether this is an extension, loft or garage/outbuilding conversion…

You decide what you want and brief us – we will help tease out the detail – you can be as vague as you like to begin with!

We will give you a very good indication of the cost of the build so you can decide if you want to proceed with drawings and Council Permissions.

We will advise you about which Council Permissions are required – ie Planning Permission or Building Regulations.

We will provide drawings based on your brief and what we established was required.

You will ask us to alter these drawings a little perhaps and then you will approve them.

We will provide the suitable Applications to the Council and monitor these through the 8 week period the Council requires before they give a decision. Often they have questions which we will answer and if we see any objections being raised we will endeavour to address these promptly.

Once the Council Applications are submitted we will provide you with a fixed price building contract proposal for the work, following the initial estimate.  We aim not to change from the initial estimate. Typically we book a date for the work to commence as soon as the Applications are submitted to the Council so as soon as a decision is given; we are ready to start the work.

We will assist you with ensuring when the work commences you will be as comfortable as possible, taking into consideration that for some Clients this means being without a kitchen or bathroom for a while. Sometimes we provide a temporary facility so that discomfort is kept to a minimum.

We carry out the work, based on the fixed price building contract to time and on budget.

We hand over a beautiful space to you.

Why not get in contact with us with your ideas for your project and see if we can help.