Do I even need a Loft Conversion or Extension?

Do I even need a loft conversion or extension?

On many occasions Baileybridge has been invited to consult with a Client about a potential loft conversion or an extension and we have managed to create the space they needed without providing either!

Extending your property is not inexpensive, whether this is into the loft or into the garden. It might not matter that the extension is not large, if the access is difficult or the ground is not level, or is of poor quality, then the work might cost more than you imagined.  Or, it could cost more than is worth spending on the property.  It might be worth reading our Can My Garage be Converted into Accommodation? page if you think you might have any of these potential issues.

We look at a property with a fresh pair of eyes to those of the owner who might have been racking their brain for ages about how to provide more space.  We can often see a way of reconfiguring it to provide the accommodation that they are looking for at a fraction of the cost of extending into the garden or converting a loft into a loft room.

Many houses are built in such a way as to create a lot of wasted space with corridors leading into other corridors and large cupboards to accommodate a hot water cylinder that you might not need if your property can make use of a combi boiler. Sometimes there is a garage or outhouse that can become part of the main dwelling.

These fabulous spaces were created by combining several rooms including hallways or lobbies, bathrooms, utility rooms, dining rooms, cupboards etc. and in all these cases we avoided extending the property at all. The added benefit is we avoided the need for Planning Permission which as well as potentially being stressful for the Client (will you get it – will you not?!) also means that you have a fairly long wait from when you first decide you need a new space, to when you are able to start building it.

Spaces created as an alternative to a loft room or extension