Landscaping and Garden Design

Landscaping and Outside Design

Baileybridge provides a full hard and soft landscaping service, whether this is just to provide paving or decking/terracing around the extension we have built, or a fully landscaped garden – large or small. We have extensive experience of creating individual designs for our Clients to complement their space and surroundings.

Since much of our work involves creating open plan kitchen/living areas, extending these into the garden for an al-fresco dining area is a very natural thing to do, if the property lends itself to this.

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Even if your terrace is not very sunny, canopies, awnings, heat lamps and clever lighting can enable us to create a fabulously cozy or sophisticated space, whatever the weather – for day or night time use. If there are no near neighbours, extending your sound system onto the terrace to further improve the setting is a good idea, we can build speakers into this so they are ‘heard but not seen’.

Like your home, your garden should reflect your personality, lifestyle needs and tastes. Deciding where to start for some people however can be very tricky – working out what you want the space to look like, what you would like to have in it and deciding on the atmosphere you want to create. The atmosphere might be a new idea for some people but if you consider all the gardens you either know, see on the television or in a magazine, for most of us it is imagining what we would do in these that either gets us excited or leaves us feeling quite uninspired.

For any design we undertake, understanding the Client’s desired atmosphere is the number one thing we will seek to comprehend. Just like with the interior of your home, there are many ways we can obtain this understanding. We can show you pictures of gardens and you can pick areas from these you like and want to incorporate, or you can provide us with these pictures. One way or another, as a combination of discussion, the use of photographs and magazine articles or even visits to gardens you like, we will come up with the design of your dreams.

Sometimes when we ask Clients what they want their garden to look like, they just say they want a ‘nice’ garden. Nice is very much a personal opinion so we seek to define what ‘nice’ means to you!

Some people will derive enormous pleasure from a formal garden: a very immaculately mown lawn, symmetrical box hedges and uniform flower beds. Others prefer a much more casual look with maybe herbaceous borders and wild meadow grass. For some it is all about their kids’ enjoyment and barbecues, others about maintenance – either not having much of it, or being able to spend a lot of time tending and pottering. We will give consideration to who will maintain it after it is finished and what it will look like of no one tends it for a few weeks, if this is a possibility.

In gardens where there are a lot of trees and damp, humid or shady conditions, algae will grow on paths and decking. Mostly a good power hose will remove this but there are materials we can use that require less maintenance such as a composite decking instead of timber, gravel rather than stone etc.

Composite decking:

Decking - part of our landscaping service