Interior Design

Interior Design

Some of our Clients simply want us to ‘make their ideas’ happen and they have already designed the home they want.  We are very good at taking a design brief and turning this into a project using a Client’s ideas and we are very good at flushing these ideas out of our Clients.

Others need help to clarify their interior design ideas and need us to weed out areas that will not work or add in a few ‘missing bits’ for them. Some know what they do not like but struggle to articulate what they do.

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We can help with any situation and we do so in a very quiet and consultative manner.  Whether this is designing one room, a kitchen or bathroom, refurbishing the entire property or building a new one, we can help.  We can normally fairly easily get on the same wave length of most Clients regardless of if their style is modern or traditional, town or country.  We have access to many products that are not readily available on the high street and we know where to look to find what it is a Client needs.

Why not get in contact with us with your ideas for your project and see if we can help.


Interior Design - Baileybridge in Sussex