How Does a Project Work?

How Does a Project Work?

When we book a project we assign a team. This team remains your team for the duration of the project although since all the trades are not required all of the time, some of these people work as and when they are required, others remain on site for the duration.

Sue Risley will run the project; she is extremely hands on and directs the team daily.  We will assign an ‘on site’ project manager/foreman – someone that remains on site and reports to Sue. Since we provide a fixed price project, this control is absolutely necessary from every perspective. Project management is a very skilled job if the project is to run like clockwork which is our remit. Once we start on site – we take responsibility for everything so you do not have to worry about any aspect of this at all.  We simply deliver the project as it is specified in the contract.

Our objective is also to ensure that the Client enjoys the experience. There are many horror stories about building work but our goal is to make sure that our team is extremely pleasant all of the time and that we do nothing unnecessarily disruptive such as leaving rubbish, making needless noise (radios are banned for example) etc.

Sue or one of her assistants is always on hand by phone or email to discuss any aspect of the project with you and to arrange site meetings if you want to meet up in person.  We are also very good at keeping you informed as to what you might expect at any time, for example a particularly noisy day or a large delivery that might cause some disruption and so on.

At all times your line of communication is through Sue so there is one person that is the mastermind of the project who will always know exactly what is happening and can communicate this to you.

Your chaps are so good. I also want to say how much we appreciate your keeping us informed about the comings and goings from one day to the next. It goes a long way to keeping my stress levels to a minimum (not a lot of people achieve that!!). Client in Uckfield, East Sussex

This company offers an old fashioned service and focus rarely seen these days where we really felt they cared tremendously about us and our home and nothing was too much trouble. The builders were superb, extremely skilled and very pleasant and polite. The architect and Sue Risley came up with some fabulous ideas which Sue then put into practice. Client in Shere, Surrey

Baileybridge does what they agree to do, they are pleasant (fun actually so more than just pleasant) to work with, technically very switched on, provide a really good finish and are extremely knowledgeable. We had some tricky issues to face on this project but they had good answers all round for these. They give me great confidence, they are calm and methodical, clean and tidy (and quiet!). Client in Battersea, London