Home Entertainment and Home Automation

Home Entertainment and Home Automation

Home Automation and Entertainment are two separate subjects, but for many homes they are intrinsically linked.

Home Entertainment Systems 

Home Entertainment Systems designed and fitted by Baileybridge in Sussex

Home entertainment systems can be as simple as a large screen and projection system or high definition TV; with surround sound system. Or, take it a stage further and create a home cinema that reproduces a movie theatre experience and mood. Ambient lighting and automated window dressings can be controlled by a single device programmed to suit your needs – a setting for day time viewing, another for the evening, one for the kids, one for entertaining friends etc.

You may not be very interested in TV or cinema but be very keen on fantastic high performance sound, on a system that lets you browse and play your music from any device. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to stream different songs in each room, group rooms together, or hear the same everywhere.

Each system is designed to suit the requirements of our individual Clients and can be as simple as one room – TV, music, light etc. to controlling the entire home. Gone are the days of multiple control switches and having to get up as soon as you have settled comfortably onto your sofa because the lighting is too bright or the sun is shining onto your TV screen – use your hand held control panel, tablet or smartphone to remedy this or have it pre-programmed to suit your mood and conditions.

Multiroom Audio and Video

We can deliver audio and video to each room, each floor and each area of your home wherever this is stored – PC, tablet, smartphone, CDs, radio, media player etc. Audio can be dramatically improved with solutions such as sound bars, built in speakers, wireless free standing speakers and surround sound systems including from your TV; as sound is deteriorating as these get slimmer.

HD Video streaming is now becoming standard practice. If you are looking to have Sky in HD on another TV other than in your main living room then this is possible, or if you want multiple sources like Xbox, PlayStation, DVD, CCTV etc. sent to multiple TVs throughout your home we can provide this too.

Home Automation

As well as controlling all of your home entertainment systems, home automation may include centralised control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) appliances, security of gates, doors and other systems; to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Baileybridge will work with you to design your home automation and entertainment system, however simple or complicated your vision. Using Smart Technology to manage lighting, sound, TV, film, music, heat, air conditioning, window dressings and security we can enable your home to be controlled by one device – whether you are at home or away.

Window dressing

Automatic blinds - Baileybridge

Automatically adjust your window dressings (curtains, blinds, shades, etc.) with precise, near-silent control. Maintain views to the outside while reducing glare on computer and television screens. Command privacy at the touch of a button, protect valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays and create complete darkness by lowering blackout shades.  With a large variety of window treatment styles, fabrics and technologies, any room can be personalised for elegance and comfort.

Smart Glass

Privacy smartglass - Baileybridge, Sussex

Privacy Smart Glass – an electric switchable glass with adjustable opacity. It uses electro-chromatic technology to interchange between transparency and an opaque state by applying voltage. Privacy Smart Glass can change from clear to a frosted appearance at the flick of a switch while allowing light to pass through from both sides. It is an ideal replacement for curtains and blinds in many circumstances and is easily incorporated into a very sophisticated and slick design.

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