Can my Garage be Converted into Accommodation?

Can my garage be converted into dwelling accommodation?

Quite often garages make useful dwelling accommodation but if you convert a garage it is subject to Building Regulations.

Typically the requirements of a garage conversion are as follows:

To change the garage door into a window. This requires foundations in order to build the wall underneath the window. These are often no less than a meter deep and usually to the same depth as the rest of the dwelling.

Are the existing walls and foundations sufficient to accommodate a suitable roof? It is possible a dwelling roof will be more substantial than the existing roof structure and therefore the strength of the walls and the depth of the foundations will need to be suitable.

Is there sufficient space once the obligatory insulation has been provided?  Whilst buildings vary, the chances are you will need a minimum of 100mm of insulation on the inside of the walls, 100mm to the floor and as much as 200mm to the ceiling/roof.

Currently converting a garage to a dwelling is Permitted Development if it does not extend to the front of the dwelling, (for example if you installed a bay window instead of a flush window this might mean that the garage conversion required Planning Permission) unless the property is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a conservation area or there are covenants on the property prohibiting this. Baileybridge will always advise on Planning Permission and whether this is required or not and whilst the information here is a useful guide, it should not be relied upon as a definitive rule.

Will converting the garage to accommodation devalue the property, or increase its value?

We are often asked this question and there is not a simple yes or no answer. A fairly big consideration is if you remove the garage as a space for vehicles, is there somewhere else on the premises to park them?

Garages are also used for general storage including garden furniture and tools. Can a shed be built to accommodate these items?

If you convert your garage and you have to park on the road and you have nowhere else to store items then it probably will not increase the value of the property, but it will probably not decrease it. If you can perform the conversion whilst maintaining suitable parking and storage and it is a good quality conversion then it is likely to add value to the property at more than the cost of the conversion.

A converted garage - garage conversion planning permission

You only need one person to buy your house! Some people will not consider a property without a garage but a great many put a lot more importance on a large family space or granny annex.

The kitchen in the photo is a converted garage.

Can I convert my outbuilding into dwelling accommodation?

The same issues often apply to an outbuilding as to a garage. It must have a suitable and correctly insulated roof. It must have suitable and correctly insulated walls. It must have suitable double glazed windows and a suitable front door. It must have a correctly insulated floor and foundations relevant for its structure. And, it will need an electrical installation that meets current regulations.