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"A day without a bridge is like a day without sunshine" Think Defence

Bailey Bridge - The Triumph of Simplicity

I am nearing completion of my research into the design, manufacture and use of the Bailey Bridge in WWII and hope to begin writing up in the New Year, 2024, with a view to completion before the end of 2024; although I have allowed myself the wriggle room of extending into the early part of 2025 if necessary. Primarily this is because the research isn't 100% complete and I've hit a kind of roadblock in my quest for some info from the U.S. Currently trying to work around that roadblock but there's fair bit of bureaucracy in my way. We endeavour to persist

I am following my own interests here and I am researching the things that I always wanted to know but couldn't find out because the informatiuon just wasn't out there. So I make no apologies for the fact that this book is going be a geek's book chock-full of information and data. At present the layout plan for the book consists of twenty-eight chapters, in four parts, with twelve appendices, ... and lots of foot notes (I like foot notes). There should also be lots of drawings and photographs.

The image shown above is the current mock-up for the cover of the book, the title is set in stone at this stage but the graphics may change, or simply be improved.

When I have a final publication date for the book I shall Tweet it out on Twitter / X, until then it is write, write, write and then write some more!

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